CrossFit Rochester NY

We offer CrossFit, Personal Training, chiropractic and massage therapy in Rochester NY. Call 585-861-8889.

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Crosfit CHG is located in the back of Tops Panorama Plaza in Penfield, NY. CHG is conveniently located for crossfitters from Penfield, Fairport, East Rochester, Rochester & Webster NY.

We are a 3500 sq ft facility offering CrossFit, chiropractic and massage therapy. Our mission is to provide health and fitness from the extreme athlete to the weekend warrior. We offer acute care, group CrossFit classes and individual coaching.

CHG is not your average gym. There are no treadmills or elliptical machines. You'll find pull up bars, kettlebells, barbells and space for squatting, jumping and lifting - in other words, a place to move like you are meant to move. You will not be badgered into an endless stream of appointments. We will get you out of pain quickly and show you how to stay that way. You will be encouraged to exercise and asked to be an active participant no matter what your age.

Who can benefit? Anyone! Whether you are injured, out of shape, older, younger or a weekend warrior we can appropriately scale the exercise program to fit your ability. Let us help you become the healthiest you can possibly be.

Too busy? Classes are only one hour. We are open 7 days a week and are available for one on one training.

Proudly Serving: Rochester, Penfield, Webster, Fairport, East Rochester, NY